The Temporary Removal of MetaMask wallet extension From Apple’s App Store: An Overview

The Temporary Removal of MetaMask Wallet Extension From Apple’s App Store: An Overview

On October 14, popular MetaMask wallet extension was temporarily removed from Apple’s App Store. This move sparked concerns among its over 30 million users worldwide. The app, which links to various Web3 decentralized applications (DApps), was unavailable for a few hours, with Apple users unable to download it from either the App Store or the MetaMask website.

MetaMask clarified that this issue was not linked to any security incident or malicious activity. It was suggested that Apple’s service policies, which prohibit apps from running unrelated background processes like cryptocurrency mining, may have contributed to the temporary removal. This incident marks the second time MetaMask has faced issues with major tech marketplaces, as it was previously suspended from Google Play in 2019 for allegedly violating financial service guidelines.

Furthermore, Apple’s policy of requiring app developers to surrender 30% of transaction revenues poses significant challenges for crypto firms who wish to enable iOS users to purchase nonfungible tokens (NFTs). Despite these obstacles, MetaMask assured users that its removal of the MetaMask wallet extension from the App Store was temporary and urged them to report any fraudulent replicas.

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