Amazon Web Services and Immutable Team Up to Transform Blockchain Gaming

Amazon Web Services and Immutable Team Up to Transform Blockchain Gaming

Web3 blockchain gaming platform Immutable has announced a transformative partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This collaboration will revolutionize blockchain gaming, opening up new opportunities for blockchain game developers in the crypto space.

Immutable has joined AWS’s ISV Accelerate Program, a sales program for companies leveraging AWS services. This means Immutable’s blockchain gaming technology, particularly Immutable X, will integrate with AWS’s Activate program, providing blockchain game developers with a comprehensive solution for building and scaling web3 games.

AWS, renowned for its cloud computing and data storage services, also offers a range of services tailored to the gaming industry, including cloud gaming services, game servers, and game analytics. This partnership will simplify the growth of blockchain games by providing access to these AWS resources, enhancing security for clients and facilitating agreements with top-tier game studios worldwide.

Furthermore, Immutable’s platform, built on Amazon EventBridge and AWS Lambda, can effectively scale to handle a tenfold increase in partnered games. Blockchain gaming developers building on Immutable’s blockchain can also benefit from AWS Activate, a program offering perks like technical support, training, and a whopping $100,000 in AWS cloud credits.

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