MEXC Refutes Accusations of MEXC Missing Funds Amidst Trading Community’s Unrest

MEXC Refutes Accusations of MEXC Missing Funds Amidst Trading Community’s Unrest

A surge of dissatisfaction is making its way through the trading community as they claim that their funds have inexplicably vanished from their MEXC accounts. The cryptocurrency exchange, MEXC, however, rebuts these charges, referring to them as ‘misinformation.’ Recently, MEXC released a statement to clarify that only users engaging in irregular trading behaviors would be affected by its reimbursement policies. These policies are put into place to protect the exchange from potential market manipulation. MEXC, which ranks as the 11th largest centralized cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume, experiences approximately $1.3 billion in daily spot trading. It is particularly acclaimed for its continuous futures trading platform, which conducts more than $7 billion in transactions per day. A trader, using the alias ‘Al Gore Rhythms,’ accused MEXC of freezing his account and subtracting some of his funds after numerous crypto perpetual futures trades. He claimed that his account abruptly stopped working when his trades of BONK, ICP (ICP), SATS, and GROK altcoin perpetuals surged by 380% to 2,200%. His subsequent attempts to log in were met with error messages indicating ‘risk control’ as the cause for the account limitation. The key phrase ‘MEXC missing funds’ has emerged from the situation, highlighting the ongoing debate and controversy surrounding the exchange’s handling of trader funds.

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