Injective Whales Solana: Wave of Price Rise in Sight?

Injective Whales Solana: Wave of Price Rise in Sight?

The cryptocurrency token Injective (INJ) has recently experienced a notable swell in accumulation by ‘crypto whales’, sparking conjectures that a price upswing could be close at hand. This development is welcomed news, given that the INJ token has taken a considerable hit over the past week. Data from Santiment reveals that Whale Addresses have lately procured $24.8 million worth of INJ, escalating their entire holdings to 10.69 million INJ. This purchase is significant considering the sway these large holders wield on the market, potentially providing a much-needed lift to INJ’s price. Despite a constant descent and a year-to-date decrease of over 9%, Injective may be on the brink of a U-turn, akin to Solana’s (SOL) trajectory in 2021. Crypto analyst Crypto Dona proposes that Injective might emulate SOL’s price behavior, which witnessed a substantial leap following a phase of stagnation. Given Injective’s status as an AI coin, it is expected to persist in drawing attention, especially as we advance into the later phases of this bull run. This, paired with the recent acquisition by crypto whales, accentuates the bullish sentiment towards Injective despite its current price trend. Injective is presently trading around $32, down by over 5% in the last 24 hours. The keyword phrase ‘Injective whales Solana’ is central to the summary, indicating a potential price surge for the Injective token, backed by the significant purchases by crypto whales and drawing parallels with Solana’s price movement in previous times.

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