Imminent Listing of Coinbase Worldcoin and Ordinals Futures

Imminent Listing of Coinbase Worldcoin and Ordinals Futures

Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has announced its intention to introduce perpetual futures contracts for two burgeoning cryptocurrencies, Ordinals (ORDI) and Worldcoin (WLD), commencing on the 11th of April. This information, originally disseminated in a post on the 5th of April, signifies an expansion of investment options for institutional clientele on the Coinbase International Exchange, as these BRC-20 token perpetual futures will be made accessible. Notably, both ORDI and WLD have experienced substantial trading volumes and price fluctuations recently, underlining the prospective interest in these Coinbase Worldcoin futures and Ordinals. These futures contracts will be offered to institutional investors across both the Coinbase International and Coinbase Advanced platforms, thereby broadening the range of investment opportunities within the cryptocurrency market. The upcoming launch of these futures contracts highlights the growing acceptance and integration of cryptocurrencies in mainstream finance, and the potential for further growth and diversification within the cryptocurrency investment landscape.

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