Tornado Cash Co-Founder Battles to Clear His Name from Money Laundering Claims

Tornado Cash Co-Founder Battles to Clear His Name from Money Laundering Claims

The co-founder of the cryptocurrency mixer, Tornado Cash, Roman Storm, is firmly standing up to allegations that he was running a Tornado Cash money laundering operation. A motion has been filed by Storm to have all three charges against him dismissed, a move backed by his legal team who believe that the accusations against him are severely flawed and should be thrown out. They make the case that there was no way Storm could have stopped sanctioned entities from utilising the cryptocurrency mixer. On March 29th, Storm’s legal team submitted a filing to the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. In this filing, they asserted that it was impossible for Storm to be viewed as a conspirator in money laundering activities. They reasoned that the Tornado Cash platform was already fully developed, immutable, and available to the public before it was ever used by sanctioned hacking collectives. This compelling argument seeks to refute the Tornado Cash money laundering allegations, highlighting that Storm could not have foreseen or prevented the misuse of the platform by these groups. The case continues to unfold, and Storm continues to fight to clear his name from these serious charges.

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