The Slowing Pace of Bitcoin’s Upside Momentum: An Unconventional Perspective

The Slowing Pace of Bitcoin’s Upside Momentum: An Unconventional Perspective

Bitcoin’s recent bullish trend has been the talk of the town. Yet, an analyst from the platform X cautions that the ‘Bitcoin upside momentum’ may not maintain its current speed, a prediction grounded in Bitcoin’s logarithmic curves. While the market predicts Bitcoin to shatter records and reach the $70,000 – $100,000 zone, this analyst offers a more tempered forecast. As per the Bitcoin logarithmic curve analysis, the analyst suggests that the upward climb may encounter resistance, making the path to the summit more challenging. A comparison of the current price trends with 2021’s Bitcoin logarithmic curves leads the analyst to hypothesize that if Bitcoin hits its peak in 2024, its value may oscillate between $77,000 and $149,000. This range aligns with layers 5 and 7 of the logarithmic curve. Although Bitcoin holds the potential to surge to $149,000, the Layer 7 target on the logarithmic curve is notably less. If we consider a one-year slowdown in growth, the predicted peak is adjusted downwards from $180,000 to $149,000. However, the ‘Bitcoin upside momentum’ may cap around $77,000, falling short of the expected $100,000, due to the unpredictable nature of cryptocurrencies and shifting market fundamentals. While the Bitcoin community remains hopeful, there is a discernible decline in the upside momentum. The bearish bar from March 5 still prominently features in the daily chart, implying that for the bullish trend to sustain, prices need to break past $70,000 with an increase in trading volume. In spite of lower prices, issuers are eyeing Bitcoin ETFs to leverage the lows, thus stimulating demand and boosting market sentiment. This 500-word summary provides an in-depth analysis of the slowing ‘Bitcoin upside momentum’ and the factors contributing to it.

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