Significant Decline in Crypto Market Cap as Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Tumble

Significant Decline in Crypto Market Cap as Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Tumble

The world of cryptocurrency took a huge hit as the price of Bitcoin dropped substantially by about $5,000 within a matter of hours. This decline was even more dramatic for altcoins, leading to a surge in Bitcoin’s dominance. The crypto market cap was greatly impacted, with a number of meme coins losing more than 20% of their worth. The business week had initially started off positively for Bitcoin, reaching an impressive high of over $72,500 due to the rising demand for spot ETFs. However, the announcement of higher-than-expected inflation data for March by the US led to a fall to $67,500. Despite this, Bitcoin managed to recover a little, even testing the $71,000 limit on Friday. Regrettably, this upward trend was not sustainable. Recent remarks on the central bank’s monetary policy by the US Fed resulted in a sudden correction, making Bitcoin drop by around $5,000. This fall triggered almost $1 billion in liquidations, although Bitcoin has since regained some ground and now sits above $67,000. The decrease in the crypto market cap is evident, with Bitcoin’s market capitalization decreasing to $1.330 trillion. Fortunately, Bitcoin’s dominance has risen to 51.7%, an increase of over 1% in a single day. This crash also had repercussions on other financial markets, including gold. Altcoins also experienced significant losses, with many of them suffering greatly. The most impacted among the larger-cap alts include XRP, SOL, DOGE, ADA, AVAX, SHIB, BCH, DOT, LINK, among others. Some meme coins experienced losses of up to 30%. In total, the crypto market cap fell by more than $200 billion, with its current value still significantly below $2.6 trillion. The keyword phrase here is ‘crypto market cap’, which reflects the overall market value of all cryptocurrencies combined.

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