RISC Zero Pioneers Cryptography with Open Source Breakthroughs

RISC Zero Pioneers Cryptography with Open Source Breakthroughs

RISC Zero, a premier innovator in zero-knowledge computation, has made public the open-sourcing of three pivotal technologies, marking a significant progression in zero-knowledge cryptography. The technologies, specifically High-Speed Recursion, Proof Composition, and a STARK to SNARK Wrapper, are poised to be accessible to millions of developers globally under the Apache2 license.

This action is viewed as a crucial stride towards developing a more secure and private digital environment. The open-sourcing of these technologies offers a degree of transparency and assurance to the worldwide developer community, establishing a benchmark for best industry practices. RISC Zero’s dedication to open-source principles reflects their conviction in the game-changing potential of zero-knowledge cryptography.

Jeremy Bruestle, the company’s co-founder and Chief Scientist, underscored RISC Zero’s commitment to ensuring developers can construct and implement with assurance. The Head of Security, Kevin Nassery, reiterated this message, asserting that after thorough audits and security assessments, the company is confident in offering these tools for global developer usage.

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