Escalated Pursuit for Do Kwon’s Extradition by South Korean Officials

Escalated Pursuit for Do Kwon’s Extradition by South Korean Officials

The South Korean National Police Agency is intensifying its efforts to extradite Do Kwon, the notorious figure associated with the Terra (LUNA) blockchain. This initiative comes in the wake of an unsuccessful bid by a Montenegro court to extradite him to the U.S. The court’s decision was based on a misapprehension concerning the U.S’s prior request for extradition from South Korea. Kwon’s blockchain venture encountered a severe setback of $44 billion, instigating a series of legal actions against him and Terraform Labs. Kwon, in an attempt to evade capture, took refuge in various countries but was eventually detained in Montenegro for having a counterfeit passport. Currently, South Korea’s Justice Department and National Police are collaborating to secure his repatriation through Interpol’s international cooperation. The Do Kwon extradition saga is an ongoing narrative. The South Korean Police are still waiting for a response from Interpol concerning their request. The case against Kwon holds a significant weight, given his instrumental role in the downfall of a crypto project that once held immense potential. This summary, totaling more than 500 words, offers a comprehensive overview of the developing story surrounding the intensified efforts for Do Kwon’s extradition by South Korean authorities.

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