Demi and Bitcluster Join Forces to Innovate Cryptocurrency Mining

Demi and Bitcluster Join Forces to Innovate Cryptocurrency Mining

The recent partnership between the Demi platform and Bitcluster signifies a revolutionary shift in the cryptocurrency mining industry. This alliance will enable both DeMi, a groundbreaking tokenized mining platform, and Bitcluster, a leading provider of mining solutions, to significantly enhance their capabilities. As a result of the Demi platform Bitcluster partnership, DeMi can now upscale its operations multiple folds while simultaneously managing energy expenses. This is advantageous for platform users as they can now mine cryptocurrency more proficiently at an economical electricity rate of $0.049 per kWh. The partnership ensures that the energy from the mining equipment is transmuted into DEMI tokens. Users can then acquire and stake these tokens to engage in the mining process. This novel methodology streamlines the process of entering the mining field, thereby democratizing access and enabling participants to contribute to, and profit from, the network’s security and consensus mechanisms. The Demi platform Bitcluster partnership has been further cemented with DeMi’s recent installation of over 500 devices at BitCluster’s new 120 MW data center in Ethiopia. This location was selected for its ideal climate and affordable electricity rates. DeMi aims to further enhance its mining operations at this facility. The Demi platform Bitcluster partnership is a testament to the innovative strides being made in the cryptocurrency mining industry and the potential advantages it offers to the users.

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