C3 live on Solana: The Dawn of Hybrid Exchange with a Million $PYTH Token Reward

C3 live on Solana: The Dawn of Hybrid Exchange with a Million $PYTH Token Reward

C3.io, the hybrid self-custodial cross-chain trading platform, has made its grand debut on Solana, signifying an important development in the crypto trading world. With the launch, C3.io is presenting a lucrative reward of 1,000,000 $PYTH tokens to its users, with the aim of motivating trading activities and aiding in the advancement of the platform. As an integral part of its pledge to create a secure, transparent, and trustless trading ecosystem, C3.io has concurrently introduced a loyalty program. This program is designed to reward users for their active involvement and contributions to the platform. To receive a bump of 25% in points, users are required to stake a minimum of 1,000 $PYTH tokens, which will also unveil unique future benefits tailored to appreciate early supporters of the platform. To enjoy the perks of this reward system, users are expected to engage in trading operations on C3.io, and the $PYTH tokens will be duly credited to their respective accounts. Furthermore, the successful launch of C3 live on Solana underscores its commitment to restoring the crypto industry’s original values of openness and trustlessness. This commitment ensures that traders maintain complete authority over their funds while trading digital currencies on a premier platform, thus enriching the trading experience and delivering increased value to its users. The keyword phrase is: ‘C3 live on Solana’

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