Biden-Inspired Memecoin ‘BODEN’ Skyrockets Amidst Crypto Frenzy

Biden-Inspired Memecoin ‘BODEN’ Skyrockets Amidst Crypto Frenzy

The ‘BODEN’, a memecoin inspired by the President Biden, has seen an extraordinary upsurge in its value, recording a 5,000% increase according to CoinMarketCap. This significant jump in the value of the Biden-themed memecoin is indicative of a wider trend that sees meme coins capitalizing on the fame of popular figures, such as politicians and celebrities, for rapid gains. The BODEN, which operates on the Solana platform, witnessed a staggering rise of over 2,400% within a single day, resulting in a trading price of roughly $0.018 and a 24-hour market volume of $24 million. This sudden burst in value has sparked a new generation of meme coins, all seeking to cash in on the wave of excitement for quick financial returns. Meanwhile, the TRUMP memecoin has seen a depreciation in value, albeit it still maintains a significant higher value compared to its price at the end of last year. In the face of competition from other popular meme coins like Dogecoin and Bonk’s BONK, BODEN has risen above the crowd, becoming the standout performer in the world of memecoins. Amidst the ‘Crypto craze Biden memecoin’ and other similar phenomena, Bitcoin momentarily achieved a new peak of $69,300, before quickly descending to $60,000, resulting in a billion-dollar wipeout in the cryptocurrency market.

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