Anticipated Boost in Bitcoin Institutional Flow in the Latter Half of 2024

Anticipated Boost in Bitcoin Institutional Flow in the Latter Half of 2024

The cryptocurrency landscape, with a particular focus on Bitcoin, is abuzz with growing excitement. As we edge closer to the latter half of 2024, financial asset managers foresee a substantial rise in the Bitcoin institutional flow. Bitwise, one of the leading voices in this space, is currently engaged in intensive dialogue with major institutions that manage trillions of dollars in assets. These bodies are demonstrating a keen interest in increasing their participation in Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). Matt Hougan, the Chief Investment Officer at Bitwise, shared in a memo that a broad spectrum of investors, including individual investors, family-owned enterprises, hedge funds, and venture capital companies, are prepared to enhance their positions in Bitcoin ETFs by the end of June. Importantly, this heightened interest isn’t restricted to domestic investors. Foreign investors from nations such as Thailand and Brazil are also expressing their eagerness to invest in Bitcoin ETFs, in light of recent amendments to their domestic regulations. These unfolding developments strongly hint at a forthcoming uptick in Bitcoin institutional flow.

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