A Fresh Perspective on the Current Bitcoin Bull Run Analysis

A Fresh Perspective on the Current Bitcoin Bull Run Analysis

The ongoing Bitcoin bull run is proving to be quite unique in the annals of cryptocurrency history, with a Bitcoin bull run analysis revealing stark contrasts to its predecessors. This time, Bitcoin has surpassed its previous 2021 peak, reaching over $70,000 before the mid-April halving event. This deviates from the normal trend observed in earlier halvings, where Bitcoin’s value typically peaked post-halving. The current bull run is further distinguished by the debut of spot Bitcoin ETFs on US stock exchanges, a landmark development in the digital asset sector. According to esteemed analyst PlanB, this rally represents a break from past trends, with theories suggesting that the anticipated price impacts of the approaching halving might have already been priced into Bitcoin’s current value – a theory that was disproved in past halvings. Analyst Rekt Capital delineates the Bitcoin halving cycle into four phases: the pre-halving rally and retrace, the final pre-halving retrace, the re-accumulation phase, and the Parabolic Uptrend phase. However, the current cycle might witness a less volatile and shorter re-accumulation phase, and a rapid Parabolic Uptrend phase, further underscoring the significant alterations in the Bitcoin halving cycle this time. This Bitcoin bull run analysis underlines the unprecedented nature of the ongoing rally.

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